Entry #2

First Wemag Game is Done, and Site Will Soon Be Too

2009-11-04 10:48:47 by max-morgon

A New Game by WeMaG
The Weird Man Games team, consisting of Itamar and I, has recently completed the work on the game "MAD - Meteorites Are Dangerous".
Even though each of us had separately published some works in the past, it's the first project we finish together as a team. The first finished game that carries our logo. It will be released on the 5th of November (tomorrow). Hope you enjoy it!

Website Under Construction
Additionally, we're working on our website and it will be available quite soon (hopefully).
On our site you'll be able to read our latest news, find work-in-progress information and screenshots, and most importantly, play all of our games to be.



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2011-03-16 15:26:21

Oh man you guy need to post some kind of tips or a walk through for your Demon room game.

I got like 5 peaces of blade found but still i need more? I got the pass word, for the computer but not sure if hitting the "computer icon" does any thing but make the screen flip out.

I got the piano to play but im not sure if im hitting the right note... it seems the notes in the video do not match one ones the key board plays. they sound even though you can see him playing E-flat/D-sharp and the whole "I like this keyboard" was corny even thought it is a big tip.

so any help dude? i kind of want to get the hell out of that room!


2011-03-16 15:49:34

Ok so every time you leave the room it resets and you have to find the power chord each time, I got that now i was able to get the sigh to glow and talked to the demon.

what was the deal with the bracelet? and the holy water... even the knife for that matter?